How to build muscles and shape your body with P90X fast at your own home and without professional equipment


Several persons asked me to create a guide for those who wish to build muscles and shape their body in the privacy of their own home and without professional equipment. I think I am a suitable person for this task since first of all you can see effects of my trainings in the pictures above. As you can see, a fellow who was a little bit overweight turned into a muscular man with a pretty well-shaped body.

A training I would like to propose includes only four steps. But it doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, quick and pleasurable. I believe the reverse is true – but I assure you – if you follow my instruction, your friends will be surprised by effects. Let’s leave a long introduction and let’s start!

1) Motivation

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on deciding to look for information about the training, but it’s only the first and easiest step on the road to your perfect muscular body.

The road you need to cover is long and winding. You can expect that all your muscles will hurt, your subconscious will tell you it’s enough and that you need to take a day or a week off, and you deserve to have a pizza. Truth is, it is entirely on you whether you are successful or you give up.

For that reason it is a good idea to set a goal at the very beginning. The goal you must aim to achieve and whose achievement will motivate you to go on. I don’t know you and you should find something personal, which will give you power.

My personal goal was related to poor relations with girls. I was always perceived as a cheerful boy who has nice friends. I never had difficulties with talking to girls but when I proposed more, they usually tried to find some excuse. My colleague told me that I should work on my body. That is above all put off some weight and do exercises because girls do pay attention to your looks.

Honestly, when I built some muscles, I noticed that girls perceived me in a different way. Initially, I didn’t know what it was all about but then I realized that I appealed to them. Chatting up girls became a way easier and I was even offered a sex with no strings attached. It was a very sexy colleague who offered it. Now I am in a steady relationship and I don’t pick up girls. I am really happy when my girl tells me that her friends told her that she was jealous of me and that my girlfriend is lucky to have me.

The best thing when you have training is a situation when you want to give up and you think you cannot make it, but despite that you do your best and you manage to finish your workout. Personally, I get much satisfaction when I overcome obstacles – it boosts my self-esteem. If you haven’t started exercising yet, you will spot it soon.

2) Diet

A diet is the most important element of your training. If you don’t eat properly, you may not have enough energy to do all exercises. As a consequence, you may give up soon. What’s more, you must provide your organism with all the necessary substances to guarantee a proper functioning, and above all make your muscles grow.

Before I describe a suitable diet, I need to mention that persons who start a training can be divided into two groups. Overweight persons who should build muscles and lose fat at the same time, and those who are not overweight or who are even underweight who should put on weight. As for the diet related to bodybuilding, it is the same in both cases, but you need to be aware that excess weight didn’t appear just like that and if you have redundant kilograms, you must have eaten unhealthy calorific food. For that reason, it’s worth analyzing your eating habits to eliminate unhealthy filths.

My guidelines for muscle mass diet:

– you eat smaller meals, but more of them (personally I have 6)

– you increase a calorific value of meals so that you eat 500-1000 calories more per day. Overweight persons who felt they ate too much should retain the current number of calories.

– every meal should consist of a portion of proteins (e.g. chicken, fish, cottage cheese), carbohydrates (e.g. groats, pasta, bread) and fats.

– you must eliminate read meat and fast food

– you try to add bigger number of boiled vegetables and fruits to your diet. It doesn’t translate directly to your mass, but it surely influences our health.

– protein supplements – many people think that they are a must in one’s diet but in my opinion you’d better eat more chicken, bananas or fish than eat powder proteins which doesn’t taste good, and I know that many people (including me) build muscle mass without extra proteins.

These are the most vital information about the diet. Above all, you should remember to eat suitable portions which are healthy and tasty. If you feel you need to eat more, don’t be afraid and follow your organism’s desires.

3) Supplements

There are lots of supplements available on the market which support trainings. Personally I used one called Probolan 50 because it’s been popular recently and has attracted numerous customers. I was recommended it by my colleague who said that I would have better results thanks to this product. Taking into account the fact that my colleague works as a personal instructor in the gym and CrossFit instructor, I decided to trust him.

Application of Probolan 50 brings the following benefits:

-more strength and stamina during a training
– faster regeneration after training
– muscle tissue growth
– increased motivation after training
– no side effects
– easy take, one capsule in the morning and evening with water

How it worked for me?

Frankly speaking, I don’t really know what this supplement works. My colleague said that it would boost changes in my hormones. I didn’t get a thing but he said it was a natural and fully safe process, and this supplement accelerates it considerably.


Indeed, when I started using it, I couldn’t believe that I was able to do so many exercises and next day my muscle sores weren’t so bad. What’s most important, my muscle were growing so fast and I didn’t expect such results.

For that reason I can recommend Probolan 50 which you can buy in many stores with bodybuilding products. I bought it on the producer’s website which is available here. I received a package two days after my order and as I can see its price on the website is a way lower than the price offered by agents.

4) Training

Finally the most important part of the guide. As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, I achieved great results exercising only at home and with no specialist gym equipment. Yet, I must highlight that you have to purchase a couple of tools. Firstly – lift bar, secondly – dumb-bells (the ones which allow to control weight are recommended), exercise mat and small platform (it can be a step, a solid box or wooden block – it just needs to withstand your body) and a place where you can jump.

All my pieces of advice should work for those who work out in the gym and at home. Except that I went to the gym only a few times and I prefer exercising in the privacy of my own home. As for the training in the gym, I recommend taking somebody else’s advice.

The training I completed is P90X and to show how effective this training is, I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures of persons who have just finished it.

As you can see P90X works and I do hope that I don’t need to convince you any longer to this set of exercises and I can begin explaining what P90X really is.

Briefly speaking, it’s exercises done everyday for one hour at home in the space of 90 days. These are general exercises which will allow you to build muscles and improve physical fitness in no time. The best thing about this training is the fact that you cannot get bored because you do different exercises on a daily basis.

It’s the greatest advantage of this training. If you do the same exercises everyday, your body gets used to them and further workout doesn’t bring any effects. P90X excludes that possibility.

In order to facilitate workout, each set of exercises has been equipped with an instructional video where an instructor and three persons of different advancement level do all exercises. Each video starts with a several-minute introduction, follows with a warm-up and gradually moves to actual exercises. Unfortunately, all videos are in English but the command of this language is not necessary. It’s enough if you copy things in the video.

I know that a one-hour training per day may sound scary but believe me – if you don’t chicken out, you will make it with ease, and effects will be noticeable as early as after first few days.

All materials concerning the training can be found here. On the right you can find a list of files containing instructional videos with full records of exercises. What’s the most important is the file “P90X Calendar (alternate).pdf” (these are two files with nearly the same name, choose the one without “+” because it includes the schedule according to which you will do exercises). I advise you to print it and stick to the wall or the door so that you can see it all the time.

Pay attention to the fact that the schedule’s tables are divided into three groups „Classic P90X”, „Double P90X” and „Lean P90X”. These are three options of training at different advancement level. You should be interested in “Classic P90X” because it’s a training designed for beginners and intermediate learners. I suggest that you start with this because the pictures show that effects I got when doing exactly these exercises.

What you have to do is to remember to plan an hour for your training everyday, and then choose and play a suitable video, and work out with the instructor.

I know that some people may feel that an everyday training is too much but in my opinion these persons should at least have a try. Especially that every seventh day of this training is devoted to rest or doing relaxing exercises. If you still are not convinced to this work-out, I do hope that you will face a challenge and do exercises for at least 2-3 days a week. Such a training should also help you to burn fat, build a muscle mass and shape your perfect body but you surely won’t be able to get such results as I had in such a short time. Not everybody must have such muscles like me, so the choice is yours.

Short summary

What you have to do is to order a lift bar, several dumb-bells and yoga mat in a traditional store or e-shop. Next, purchase Probolan 50 directly from the website because it will facilitate your training. Change your diet according to the above-mentioned tips (it’s also a good idea to read more about suitable eating during training because it’s a pretty complex subject). As for the training itself, print the schedule and start working out. It’s very simple.

I’ve almost forgotten to mention the most important thing. Start today. Order everything you need to start training, play a video and work out. It’s very important because if you reschedule your workout, you may forget about it, get discouraged or resign. Remember that your resolutions are today because today is always today and tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

I do hope I’ve encouraged you to start the training at home. Soon you will see how fast you can build your muscles and shape your body.


I am attaching a few videos presenting how people from around the world were successful thanks to P90X.


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